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Guns are and always will be a polarizing issue and subject in our society. In the end we cannot move forward unless we can begin a meaningful dialogue over our own views and beliefs. The Stone Malone Gallery is proud to be the first gallery to show this very unique exhibition by Richard Ransier “Guns for Art” opening dialogue through the power of the image.


Richard Ransier has invited 15 collaborating artists from diverse ethnic backgrounds to share their viewpoint on this subject. He has hand-cast a .45 caliber handgun out of concrete to give to all the artist to interpret his or her viewpoints for the exhibit.  These artist will include Alex Garant, Bar Ben-Vakil, Daniel Cohen, DocPhoton, Estevan Ramos, Gianni Arone, Ming Ong, Leba,Lucas, Raynaud, Phenomenal Mark, Plastic Jesus, Stone Malone, ThatSoDope, TheGossipAndTheChoir and Tricia DiMarco.


In 2014, Mr. Ransier became aware that a law enforcement agency had a massive collection of guns seized over the past year and were slated to be melted down for scrap metal. He met with the agency and presented a proposal to the department to create something positive with these destroyed gun pieces. It’s important to note that the “Guns for Art” show is non-political in base and the idea is not to build it around anti-gun or pro-gun viewpoints. It is based on creating powerful images to open up dialog that speak to all points of view embracing diversity. Mr. Ransier said ”If we can get people to start talking by way of making them aware through the power of the image then positive changes will soon follow”


Richard Ransier has been teaching art as a volunteer in the public school system for the past 8 years and became aware that funding for the arts programs had disappeared. He believes if we can generate something positive with these destroyed gun pieces by creating awareness and raise money for art programs at the same time, it could be very powerful.  


The show will feature Richard Ransier’s mixed media, sculptures and photography of guns taken off the streets alone with 15 unique artist viewpoints.

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