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“Guns for Art” A community improvement project using destroyed guns taken from the streets by law enforcement, and turning them into art for a book in order to raise money for low-income school’s art programs.


The book is not to built around anti-gun or pro-gun viewpoints, it is based on creating powerful images to open up dialogue about this subject in America. The goal is to transform guns taken from the streets into something of value, something that prompts independent thinking and constructive dialogue for change.

Everyone has an opinion on guns; both pro and con. It may be the most important social issue of our time. There are signature moments in all of our lives—big and small—when opportunities presented to us are all but impossible to pass-up. Maybe they are paths we are guided to undertake as an artist, or simply as a citizen of this great Earth. 


I am a professional artist and have been teaching art as a volunteer in the public school system for over 9 years because most of these programs have lost there national funding. Being a father of two young adults I understand how important art is to a child’s development. I believe if we can educate kids early enough and give them other tools like art to express themselves then we might help stop future violence. This is why all proceeds go to buying art supplies for low-income schools.


I am not offering the cure to gun violence nor offering artwork from this project as the skeleton key that will open all doors to harmony and understanding. There is no quick fix, no simplistic answer and no magic pill to create a peaceful, yet gun-filled utopia. But there are ways to push this forward and make a difference! 

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